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Welcome to Telar Scoial

Amirhossein Movahedi

Amirhossein Movahedi

Founder @ Telar

Great to have you here! We are trying to provide a smart comprehensive social network solution. This is the right place to move your idea to production. We provided the latest solutions with powfull stack for social network, so you only need focus on your business idea. There are a lot of ideas around social network, Q&A, Sports, Animals, Financial, etc. We will stay until the end to make sure you achieve your goal.

Why Telar Social stack is powerful#

The reason we claim about powerful stack is that we used the most popular tools to build a social network from small to huge scale.

We designed the backend based on microservice and serverless pattern which make the app highly scalable. You are able to setup project the project using OpenFaaS which makes it simple to deploy microservices/functions to Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is a container-orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

We also used some of the most popular tools building frontend, like React build UI components, redux for managing state, InversifyJS to inject dependencies, material-ui to build a beautiful standard design for UI and etc.

More about Microservices#

Microservices guarantee increased the autonomy of development teams (speed to market), better fault isolation (reliability), reusability and scalability.

You can easily adopt new technology using microservices architecture. When your application is broken into smaller chunks, it is easy for developers to develop, debug and maintain. Since your teams are working on smaller applications and more focused problem domains, their projects tend to be more agile, too. Each microservices can be deployed, updated, replaced & scaled independently. Crash of one microservice won’t affect the other part of applications.

I will talk more about Telar Social benefits in details that you can gain with upcoming articles !