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Make sure to keep your secrets out of public access like Github repository.

  • admin_username - Admin dashboard username.

  • admin_password - Admin dashboard password.

  • mongo_host - Mongo database host URI.

  • mongo_database - Mongo database name.

  • phone_auth_id - SMS auth id from plivo.

  • phone_auth_token - SMS auth token from plivo.

  • key - Generated private key using openssl ecparam -genkey -name prime256v1 -noout -out key.

  • key_pub - Generated public key using openssl ec -in key -pubout -out

  • recaptcha_key - ReCaptcha secret key.

  • ref_email_pass - Email password of ref_email to send verification, reset password , etc. emails.

  • payload_secret - You long string/random payload secret using to secure Microservices calls by HMAC.

  • service_account_key_json - Your Firebase service account file generated from your console settings.

  • ts_client_secret - Github OAuth app secret key.

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