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Telar Social Serverless

Including all services relate to social network written in Go.


Find Telar Social Serverless repository here.


app_name: Telar Social # You app name
base_route_domain: "" # In the case you are using a domain like `` instead of `` you need to set this field `/social`
db_type: mongo # Type of Database (Right now we only support mongodb for Telar Social community version)
header_cookie_name: he # Cookie name for JWT header
org_avatar: # You organization avatar
org_name: Red Gold # You organization name
payload_cookie_name: pa # Cookie name for JWT payload
phone_source_number: "0123456" # Phone source number to send SMS
read_timeout: 10s
recaptcha_site_key: 6LfXPboUAAAAAIQmwp8HVll7n7ZUpwNW1JL5RcoW # Recaptcha site key (not secret key)
ref_email: # The email which used to send signup verify email, reset password, etc.
signature_cookie_name: si # Cookie name for JWT signature
smtp_email: # SMPT and port for `ref_email`
write_timeout: 10s
debug: true
cookie_root_domain: # Cookie domain to accept
gateway: # API gateway to access from frontend(web)
internal_gateway: http://gateway.openfaas:8080/function # Internal API gateway to call between Microservices
origin: ",," # Origin to accept
websocket_server_url: # WebSocket URL

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