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Telar Social provided a full-stack solution to build a Social Network with latest technologies in small/large scale. But made setup, developing and scaling simple.

Telar Social Stack


  • Open source community version: run your social network with no charge under MIT License
  • Microservice and serveless: highly scalable, flexible, increasing team performance, easy to debug and maintain.
  • Run anywhere: public cloud, private cloud, on-premise cloud and even on raspberry pi with faasd!
  • Support million active users: built for kubernetes to handle large number of users traffic
  • Standard material UI design: using powerful material-ui library for faster and easier web development.

Main Tools#

  • Golang (API)
  • OpenFaaS (Serverless Function)
  • MongoDB (Database)
  • Node.js (WebSocket server - Real time data)
  • React (Frontend)
  • Typescript (UI)
  • Kubernetese
  • Docker compose

Need Support#

Become a Sponsor#

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